8. Contributing

Remo.TV is an open source project. That means that the code is available for free, and that anybody can contribute to it. We’re always happy to have new contributors even if it’s as simple as fixing a spelling error.

8.1. Filing a bug report

With a GitHub account, you can submit a bug report if you’ve found something that doesn’t behave as it should, or even just a typo! We have a template that you can/should follow.

8.2. Filing a Feature Suggestion

Think we’re missing something, let’s talk about it! Official feature suggestions can also be sent on GitHub here.

8.3. Changing the code yourself

We welcome anybody who wants to contribute their own code to the controller. For safety purposes, we don’t allow people to push their code directly to the repository. Instead, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Fork the repository. That copies our controller into a repository that you can write to. You can clone it to your own computer or edit it straight on GitHub.
  2. Make your changes. Don’t forget to commit and push to your forked repo.
  3. Make a pull request. We’ll discuss it and if we decide that it’s something that would be beneficial, we’ll merge it and your code will be part of everyone’s robots!

We also discuss our code often on Discord, so come check it out!