2. Migrating From LetsRobot

If your robot previously worked on Let’s Robot, it’ll work on Remo. After you have cloned this controller, you should edit or replace your start_robot file with the one provided with this controller.

2.1. Config

You may find that copying your old config file may not work with this new controller. It’s recommended to start fresh with the new file. Here’s what’s changed:

  • Robot ID and Camera ID have been consolidated into one API key.
  • Two new off-by-default features to announce your IP and if your cloned instance of the repo is out of date.
  • The [messenger] section is removed. It’s now built into the controller without any extra configuration.
  • Google cloud now supports random voices with whitelisting.
  • New supported motor controller, PiBorg ThunderBorg.
  • Other miscellaneous changes.

2.2. Command Changes

  • All commands are now received in lowercase.
  • The call to get a command has changed from args['command'] to args['button']['command']
  • The call to get the user of a command or message has changed from args['name'] to args['sender']
  • All logging is done via RemoTV.xxx instead of LR.xxx