PiBord ThunderBorg Motor Driver


ThunderBorg is a powerful dual motor control board for making awesome robots with your Raspberry Pi. ThunderBorg is designed to handle up to 5 amps per motor connection, so it’s great for bigger-than-your-average-buggy projects and making awesome robots from your Raspberry Pi.

All ThunderBorg versions include:

  • Control big or small motors
  • on-board 5V regulator powers the Raspberry Pi
  • Runs from any battery pack or power supply from 7-35V
  • Proper 5A per motor connection.
  • Speed control forwards and reverse via PWM
  • On-board voltage monitoring for attached batteries
  • Mounts directly onto most Raspberry Pi models
  • Super bright 24-bit LED capable of over 16 million colors
  • Stackable! Plug in more boards to control up to 200 motors!
  • Uses I2C SCK/SDA and 3.3V/GND pins for communications
  • Overheat protection, undervoltage lockout, and short circuit protection

Library Installation

The controller needs a special file to drive the ThunderBorg module. It’s not the most convenient to download, but it’s what we have to work with.

  1. Download & extract the example zip file that has the file we need.

    pi@raspberry:~$ wget -O examples.zip http://www.piborg.org/downloads/thunderborg/examples.zip
    pi@raspberry:~$ unzip examples.zip
  2. Copy this single file we need to the hardware directory.

    pi@raspberry:~$ cp examples/ThunderBorg.py remotv/hardware/ThunderBorgLib.py

The files you got from the internet can now be deleted if you so choose.


There’s not really a whole lot to configure. Almost everything is handled for us by the library. Controller.conf only has a few settings.

Variable Default Value Description
left_motor_max 1.0 Maximum forward speed of the left motor. Ranges from 0.0 to 1.0
right_motor_max 1.0 Maximum forward speed of the right motor. Ranges from 0.0 to 1.0
sleep_time 0.4 Time in milliseconds to move for each command