Configuration Options

Variable Default Value Description
ffmpeg_location /usr/bin/ffmpeg Full path to the location of FFMPEG.
v4l2-ctl_location /usr/bin/v4l2-ctl Full path to the location of v4l2-ctl
audio_codec mp2 Audio codec FFMPEG should use. Only mp2 is supported but twolame will work when compiled into FFMPEG.
audio_channels 1 Audio channels, 1 for mono, 2 for stereo.
audio_bitrate 32 Bitrate for the audio stream in kilobits
audio_sample_rate 44100 sample rate for the audio in hertz
video_codec mpeg1video Video codec FFMPEG should use. Currently only mpeg1video is supported.
video_bitrate 350 Bitrate for the video stream in kilobits
audio_input_format alsa  
audio_input_options   Leave this blank if audio_input_format is alsa
audio_output_options -nostats  
video_output_format v4l2  
video_output_options -nostats -threads 2